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Adept Property Management (APM) is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use solution that will allow you to streamline commercial lease management processes so you can focus on customer service and portfolio growth. Our solution is equipped to suit the largest and smallest of portfolios with one common goal - delivering a better experience and exceptional results to owners, tenants and your business.

Discover below how brands such as CI Australia and Colliers International are able to deliver fast, efficient and more competitive property management services with Adept Property Management.

Designed for all Commercial Property Portfolios - Large or Small

Adept Property Management is used by managing agents, owners, government authorities, listed trusts and institutions.

Maintain an unlimited number of tenants and properties, including retail, commercial, industrial.

Capture distinctive characteristics of each asset, such as land access rights, rental of roof space and signage rights.

Powerful, Straightforward Reporting

Shift the focus of end of month owner reporting from repetitive administration to customer service and profitable growth.

Provide your owners with the information they need, in the format they want.

Adept Property Management allows you to store a reporting preference per owner. Using this facility, you can provide detailed reports to owners wishing to receive detailed information; summary reports can be provided to owners seeking less extensive information.

For owners with specific reporting requirements, simply customise reporting to their specific needs. Reports are automatically collated, combined into one PDF and distributed via email to owners. Supplier invoices can also be automatically attached to disbursements.


"Adept's Property Management system enables us to provide our commercial property owners with the information they need. As a result, their confidence in the quality of our management services has increased and helped us to grow our portfolio of commercial properties under management. As well as offering a rich, flexible set of features to help us improve productivity, we've also found Adept's support to be first class."


Caddie Dabaja


Gilmour Property Agents

Streamline Critical Events and Stay Proactive

Adept Property Management offers an integrated diary facility which is automatically populated with critical events, such as upcoming lease expiries, lease reviews and insurance expiries.

This allows your property management team to allocate their time more effectively. Generate letters relating to lease expiries, options renewals, lease reviews and insurance expiry notices quickly and easily directly from the diary.

Distribute letters by post and email based on the tenant’s selected delivery method. Automatically store letters against the tenant in the document library.

Arrears Management

Tighten control of arrears management and reduce the risk of missed or escalating overdue rent.

In addition to arrears reports, Adept Property Management can automate the production of arrears correspondence through the use of a step-by-step wizard and mail merge templates.

With one click, distribute critical arrears correspondence using the tenant's preferred delivery method.

Improve Productivity and Automate Rent Reviews

Increase the productivity of lease administration by recording important details such as options, insurance and review information as soon as a lease is entered.

Reviews can be automatically calculated, with alerts generated and sent to the property manager, reducing the risk of missed reviews and expired insurances.

Automatically generate tenant Tax invoices and distribute based on the tenant's preferred delivery method. Include a global message for all tenants.

Manage Payments and Receipting

Automate and improve the efficiency of payments and receipting with integration to Macquarie Bank's DEFT platform.

Provide tenants with the choice to pay their rent in a variety of ways including BPay, Credit Card or Cheque whilst removing the burden of daily receipting from your staff.

Upon delivery of the daily electronic file, automatically record and match receipt transactions, eliminating the need to deal with payment processing and streamlining bank reconciliation.


Improve productivity and response by automating periodic building inspections with the Adept Inspector App.

Generate inspection reports on-site directly from your iPad and sync them back into your APM database for inclusion in monthly reporting.

Take photos and record notes to provide evidence and share concerns and issues with relevant stakeholders.

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