Adept Inspector

Inspect Buildings with Ease and Professionalism from Your iPad

Adept Inspector

Adept’s Inspector App allows you to conduct building inspections with ease and professionalism from your iPad.

The app connects directly to APM and syncs completed inspection reports back into the property management system.

Make your team productive, deliver better results to property owners and enhance your competitive advantage.



No more paper checklists

As part of implementation, we create a set of customised checklists based on your requirements. Checklists are organised into topic sets such as ‘Emergency Response and Fire Protection’, ‘Plant and Equipment’ and ‘Ground Maintenance’.


Nominate your Inspection List

From APM, simply select which properties need to be inspected, how frequently and which checklist to use. Properties to be inspected then automatically appear in the Inspector App along with the designated checklist and frequency interval.



When you arrive at your inspection, simply log into Inspector App and select your property. You’re then ready to start conducting the inspection.

Inspector App will guide you through the inspection using the pre-defined questions in your checklist making the entire process highly organised and productive.


Gather data quickly and efficiently

Take photos, enter comments and collect evidence as required to mitigate risk. Photos can be shared immediately with service providers or stakeholders to ensure a prompt response to any issues discovered.


Share and enhance collaborative service delivery

The results of your inspection are synced back to APM and share with other team members to save you time and effort. Managers and colleagues with access can review and check the status of all inspections as and when required.

"Adept's Inspector App gives WillCom the ability to conduct clear and worthwhile property inspections which benefits both Asset Managers and owners alike. The user-friendly system allows Asset Managers to report with consistency and speed ensuring that the relevant information is being reported to owners."


Dan Williams

Managing Director

WillCom Commercial Property Management



Keep owners informed, improve service delivery

Sharing the results of your inspection with the property owner is straightforward and easy.

From the moment you complete an inspection, a branded report can be generated with one button and emailed to the property owner directly, saving you time and ensuring stakeholders are properly informed.

The completed inspection report is synced back to APM and stored against the property. You can then include this in your monthly reporting or simply review an earlier inspection as and when needed.

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