Adept Clubs

Centralised Cash & Financial Management

Powering Efficiencies at Clubs Throughout Australia

Adept Clubs is cutting edge software technology designed for operators of registered clubs and casinos. Our solution provides you with a 360 degree view of your business to improve internal efficiencies, tighten club governance and resolve financial discrepancies.

Integrated Financials Suite

Adept’s integrated architecture makes it easy to gain a complete understanding of your club’s financial position.

Seamlessly incorporate data from POS, Inventory, Payroll, Gaming and Function applications to get a full picture of performance and critical business knowledge.

Improve productivity and tighten daily operations by eliminating the need for double-entry of operational data.

Modules include:

  • General ledger
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Asset register
  • Central banking
  • Promotion/cost tracking
  • CRM

Cash Tracking & Governance

Adept’s powerful Central Banking module controls the flow of all cash around your Club issuing alerts if agreed tolerances are breached and discrepancies are detected. All trading locations are covered including POS, Gaming systems, Cash Desks and ATMs.

Understanding your Club’s cash position at any time is easy – produce daily reports, identify trading trends throughout the day and automate daily takings into one easy banking transaction – thereby eliminating the potential risks from under-banking or over-banking.

Track and Monitor Club Assets

Adept’s Asset Register module allows you to track and monitor assets in your club.

Optional integration with Adept’s Accounts Payable module eliminates the need for double-entry of asset details. Store asset-related documentation against individual assets such as photographs, invoices and maintenance agreements.

All asset transactions including acquisitions, poker machine conversions, disposals and monthly depreciation charges will seamlessly update the General Ledger module, removing the need for double-entry and manual tracking.

Powerful Analytics and Performance Reporting

Visualise club performance with Adept Reporting Tool (ART) – a powerful solution for business analysis and data mining.

Build your own reports and charts to gain valuable insights into operational trends and performance – all based on your own requirements.

Reports can be exported to Excel, Word or distributed via email to mobile devices. Use the report scheduler to generate and distribute management reports automatically. 

Track trading performance by location using integrated dashboards. Monitor KPIs from a mobile or desktop browser to respond quickly to operational trends and anomolies.

Suitable for all Business Sizes

Adept Clubs is suitable for all club sizes and will scale as your business grows.

Customise your chart of accounts to incorporate additional trading locations and clubs.

When dealing with multiple trading locations, data can be consolidated easily and reported at location, club or group level.

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"We have been using Adept's Accounting and Central Banking software for over a decade. The system has helped us to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors. We can quickly highlight and resolve discrepancies. Adept has always been extremely responsive to our needs."

Michael Derrig

Assistant General Manager

St George Leagues Club

"We have experienced exceptional growth through the period we have had Adept and we remain as enthusiastic about the system as the day we bought it. During the years since system installation, no major areas of variance have occurred and all account balances and transactional history has proved to be accurate."

Ralph Wearne

Financial Manager

Mounties Group

"Responsible management of financial resources forms a key part of our club's core values and mission statement. We rely on Adept's software for financial management, and have found the package performs reliably and consistently."

Roger Cubitt

Executive Manager, Finance & Administration

Campbelltown Catholic Club