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Commercial Real Estate Gets a New Deal with Surga Central

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Adept Business Systems today announced the release of Version 2.7 of Surga Central - Adept's cloud-based platform for commercial real estate. The new software features a Deals module that allows commercial real estate brokers to streamline the process of settling leasing and sale deals.

Traditional approaches have often required brokers to use different systems for managing listings and settling them. By integrating a Deals module, Surga Central allows a broker to manage the complete life cycle of a commercial property in one system, from opportunity through listing to final settlement. 

A property listing can be converted to a deal with a single click. Details that can be recorded include the expected settlement date and the various components that contribute to commission. This information is then used to generate a fee forecast and monitor broker performance against budget. Surga Central also provides sales trust accounting allowing brokers to record deposits and disburse funds on settlement. A full suite of sales trust reports are also included in the module.

"Thanks to the new Deals module, Surga Central now offers a soup to nuts solution for commercial real estate brokers," said Steve Clark, CEO of Adept Business Systems. "As the real estate industry evolves in the face of digital disruption, cloud-based technology of this kind will increasingly replace manual settlement systems and provide a more streamlined approach that will boost customer service and competitive advantage", he added.